Zero Maintenance

We strive to build our ADUs to have minimum if any maintenance over the next 20 years.  By taking advantage of best practices in construction, and using modern materials, waterproofing systems, metal or cementitious exterior trim and fascia boards we ensure a water tight, fire rated, low maintenance house the looks beautiful.  The only exterior wood used on our stucco houses are the porches and decks, and on the shingle houses are the shingles themselves which are fire rated and should easily last 20 years.

2 Replies to “Zero Maintenance”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m a neighbor on Ventura, I got your name from Josie Everett. My husband and I are exploring an in law unit, by converting some of our downstairs and garage space to a unit. Would you be interested in such a project? We can meet to discuss the space and scope. Thanks

    1. Good morning Dale,
      Not sure if you are still looking for someone, but I am just now, for some reason seeing this comment. I very interested in helping you out with you in-law conversion idea. Feel free to reach out to me either by email or phone 510-501-3533.

      Sorry I am only a couple years late.


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